In May 2011, Waeusi Publishing Company, a sole proprietorship, was founded in Iowa City, Iowa USA, with marketing and promotions, for local businesses and government entities on various platforms and media, as well as community outreach in holiday festivals, the Equity Board of Iowa City Public Schools, public speaking at city council and board of supervisor’s meetings, and 2012 voter awareness. Our company created and maintained a listing of local Black owned businesses in Johnson County and Linn County both in Iowa USA. At the time the owner mistakenly misspelled “Weusi” when naming the company. The word “weusi” is a Kiswahili word which means “Black people”. One of the products of Waeusi Publishing Company was MaGaZiNe yEtU. “Yetu” is a Kiswahili word which means “our”. In Kiswahili grammar, the word “our” is placed after the noun. So in correct English grammar it would be “Our Magazine”, but in Kiswahili it is “Magazine Our”. MaGaZiNe yEtU is a niche for Black owned businesses to advertise their products and services, positions available, scholarships, community outreach initiatives, and more. It is also a platform for other businesses to advertise their job postings, scholarships, internships opportunities, investment/franchise opportunities, and community outreach programs. And finally it is a voice for the people in the community, and a news source for everyone.

In August 2013, Waeusi Publishing Company closed, and the magazine was no longer published.

In 2019, Weusi Publishing International, LLC, was founded by the same founder, in North Miami Beach, Florida USA, with marketing and promotions for businesses, non-profits, NGO’s and government entities globally, as well as community outreach. One of our products is MaGaZiNe yEtU.

Who Are We?

Weusi Publishing International, LLC does more than just publish periodicals. Your small business, corporation, non-profit, NGO or governmental entity can get personalized and customized business cards, brochures, coupons, calendars, fliers, pamphlet booklets, menus, gift certificates, press releases, etc. Your business or government agency can be promoted on various platforms.

Weusi Publishing International, LLC and MaGaZiNe yEtU are both registered with the Florida Secretary of State, Duns & Bradstreet, Miami Dade County & North Miami Beach. All rights reserved.

How Can Small Businesses, Corporations, Non-profits and Governmental Entities Benefit From MaGaZiNe yEtU?

MaGaZiNe yEtU puts your organization’s departments’ job openings, career opportunities, minority scholarship contributions, financial aid and business opportunities (i.e. contract bids you are accepting), programs, assistance, etc directly into the hands of the minorities, as well as others. These are the very people whom the local governments may not have been able to accurately target, or locate quickly enough, to suit its needs. Many business and governments who seek tax credits associated with doing business with or hiring minorities (via federal or state aid), or providing scholarship funding, or hiring minorities, simply have a small amount of time to seek out candidates. They may not even know how many candidates are here locally. Thus being able to find the best match for your needs is limited. Advertising job fairs/career opportunities, public notices, financial aid for small businesses and announcing minority scholarship funds available by local businesses can be done with ease with MaGaZiNe yEtU! At the same time you can see which goods and services you would like to get a quote on or make a purchase.

How Can Minority Owned Business(es)/Minority Individuals Benefit From You?

Minority owned businesses and contractors in your local area are able to quickly locate your department’s/agency’s available contract bids. Minority job seekers and students are able to find employers and tuition funding quickly, while at the same time viewing global news, movie reviews, and/or community events. All of this comes in one magazine targeted at Black people as well as other demographics. With the uncertainties of the current economy, many people are waiting for their local businesses, non-profits, NGO’s and government entities to advertise career and business opportunities targeted at recruiting people of African descent. To do so would build the community’s confidence in your office. Do you desire to offer scholarship funding, jobs, and/or business ventures! We can help with that. Some information is provided on the website and some is published in the magazines themselves.

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