What We Do For You!

Our Photography Services:

A picture is worth a thousand words… how many words are your products, services, social media, websites and printed materials worth? Nothing says shop with me better than great, high resolution photography!

JPEG, PNG, GIF, DVD and Raw formats available. Starting at only $75.00!

Our Audio Productions:

Could you use advertisement money from podcasting? Would big companies benefit from being heard by your fan base? Or do you have a digital project that needs some custom sound effects or background music? Our audio production service is just what you need.

What will you get? Custom sound effect recordings for your projects, removal of background noise from audio recordings, adjusting pitch, tone, speed of play back, compression, limiting volume, increasing volume, etc., instrumental background music, licensing for copyrighted music to be used in your projects, and ad creation using your audio recordings. You can come into our office or we can come to you (yes even out of town or outside the United States). We record audio with your rights of copyright ownership in mind. Need refreshments while you are at our office doing the audio production? Let us know.

Our Graphic Designs:

Could your website, social media or printed items use a little sprucing up? Do you have various forms of media which need more coordination? Our graphic design solutions will provide you with the tools you need… to upgrade your business image.

What will you get? We offer custom designs in the color scheme of your choice… We design with your rights of copyright ownership… or trademark/service mark registration in mind.

JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG (vector) formats available. Starting at only $37.50!

Our Animation Productions:

Have you tapped into the biggest growing marketing tool? Could you use a sales boost? Check out our online portfolio. Let us help you with an animated explainer video today!

A DVD can be created of your animation for use in play/presentation in your store/office for your customers, clients, staff or whoever you like.

MP4, MOV, DVD and other video formats available. Starting at only $374.25!

Our Video Productions:

Are you tired of your customer watching your competitor’s videos? We provide great video productions. Check out our portfolio.

What will you get? Recordings in various resolutions to meet your use requirements from mobile viewing to Full High Definition 2K, for social media posts and websites, low light videography, outdoor landscapes, real estate, automobiles for sale, family fun, vacation videos, celebrations or events, product videos, videos from panoramic view photos, custom watermarks, meetings, etc. inquire for availability of 4K.

MP4, MOV, DVD and other video formats available. Starting at only $374.25!

Our Live Stream Productions with Real Cameras/Not Mobile Devices:

Are you tired of using zoom to host meetings? Are your zoom invites missing in action due to various reasons? Has slow internet disrupted your live? Let us take your live streams to the next level on your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts or and on your website in up to 2k resolution. Forget the hassle.

Our Corporate Identity Services:

Did you waste your money on promotional material with mismatched colors and fonts? Are bankers, investors, big clients and trade organizations able to take your business seriously? Give your brand a consistent look across all platforms.

Starting at only $37.50!

Our Copy/Scan/Print/Fax Services:
Our Q.R. Coding:
Our Social Media Management:

Starting at only $65.00!

Our Subcontracting:

* Offered in limited market area. Inquire for details.

Our Custom Promotional Items:

There are many combinations of styles, fonts, special effects, lay outs, colors, paper types and paper qualities. Your items are prepared to your specifications.

What will you get? Assistance in wording, and then full service printing of your customized business cards, brochures, coupons, calendars, flyers, pamphlet booklets, menus, gift certificates, press releases, etc. Also custom promotional gifts like t-shirt, hats, bags, and more are also available with Q.R. Coding to link your online customers to you. Even logo (trademark/service mark) registrations, trade name registrations, and copy right registration applications.

Having printed promotional materials or custom promotional gifts in your office/store on display when your clients and guests come is a great visual tool to:

  • Build rapport
  • Create curiosity
  • Start a dialog about what you have to offer, and providing you sales
  • Tools for your clients to demonstrate what you have when they talk to others
  • Even a tangible reminder about your business when they leave your business which can give a returning customer
  • Or a customer who was reluctant to buy until they thought it over later on

Yes its true, this is a digital age. But you never want a prospective customer to have to write down information about who you are and what you have to offer them.

Work With Us

Businesses, organizations/institutions, and government entities who have been served by us include but are not limited to:

Fastrac Program – IA

Building Knowledge & Humanity with Diversity – IA

Diversity Focus – IA

H.D. Youth Center – IA

Black Legacy Association of Cedar Rapids -IA

Government Entities:

Gov’t of Johnson County Iowa – HR Dept – IA

Gov’t of Iowa City Iowa – Human Rights Dept – IA


Red Morgan Music – FL

Evo Ent Music, LLC – FL

Mishkan Mini Press – FL

Juliana Boutique – FL

DSP Brand, Inc. – FL

Radio Tele DSP – FL

Selah Insurance & Tax Service – FL

Alfie’s Beauty Supply – IA

Business Money Source, LLC – VA

Delago Mexican Cafe – IA

Caring Hands & More – IA

Gramenge, Inc. DBA Kentucky Fried Chicken – IA

Equitymaxx – IL

Kenstar Entertainment – IA

Beth Parker –– Ruhl & Ruhl Realtors – IA

Two Brother’s Chicken & Fish – IA

Sierra Foods/Uhaul – IA

Patrick Munyakazi Photography – IA

Downtown Boost Mobile/Zombies – IA

Unique Beauty Supply – IA

Elikia Restaurant – IA

Almadina Mart – IA

Zenab Market – IA

The Sim’s Experience – IA

Educational Institutions:

Miami Shores Elementary – FL

University of Iowa Graduate College – Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – IA

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